Beautiful. Intricate. Inspired.

Robin Colton | Colton Collection Austin Texas |

She follows her passion where it leads.

The Singer sewing machine sounds, clack-clack-clack-whir, as the light shines through the window. The 7-year-old girl leans in, wide-eyed, to watch her mother pull the fabric gently through the guide. Perfect stitch after stitch after stitch. The girl memorizes the rhythm, the technique. Soon she is sewing on her own, unbound by any pattern or restrictions. Exploring fabrics, drawing lines, cutting cloth. She follows her passion where it leads.

Fast-forward 20 years. A degree in Fashion Design has launched her into a successful career at Nordstrom. It’s exciting to be learning, doing, creating. But something is missing. The clothing she designs seems constrained to mannequins, models, racks. She wonders who’s wearing her pieces, what they’re thinking, how they feel when they put them on. Her passion feels too impersonal.

So she moves into Interior Design. Her aesthetic sensibilities begin to touch her clients directly, surrounding them in their homes, reflecting the uniqueness of who they are and how they live. She enjoys the personal contact. And yet she misses the days of exploring varied fabrics, drawing and cutting beautiful lines, creating moods that change with the seasons.

Every pillow makes a statement.

The seasons change. The young woman sits with her mother, now ill and no longer able to sew. But the love of creating she sparked in her daughter leaves a legacy, even after she passes away. The Singer sewing machine is handed down from mother to daughter.

Driven by the memory of her mother, the woman returns to her roots and sits down at her machine. Now she is older, wiser, savvier. Decades of experience in fashion and interior design and life swirl together in a new burst of inspiration.

The Colton Collection emerges. It’s a collection with style and heart and soul. Every idea leaps from a sketch into a unique accent for the home. Every prototype is sewn lovingly on the original Singer from her mother. Every pillow features inspired design, beautiful fabrics, intricate details. Every piece makes a statement. Every style evokes a mood. Every season provides a new opportunity to update your space.